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5 Signs Your House Has Good Resale Value

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Have you ever wondered how well your house will sell in the future? Even if you’re not ready to put your home up for sale, it’s nice to know whether your property will have good resale value when the time comes. Since economic factors and local markets play a huge role in determining a home’s resale value, there’s no easy way to know what will happen exactly. However, these...Read More

By: Iris Khodkar

Changes to Mortgage Stress Test to Make It Easier For Homebuyers to Qualify

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Just as the Toronto housing market is gaining steam, the federal government is adjusting the stress-test for insured mortgages. The move is expected to make it easier for some people to purchase a home starting April 6th, 2020! Finance Minister Bill Morneau said on Tuesday that the new stress-test rules will be more responsive to interest rate changes, including recent drop in lending terms. The ...Read More

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Homebuyers Stressing Over the Mortgage Stress-Test

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The use of Canada’s benchmark rate in administrating the mortgage stress test is currently under review, according to an official with the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI). In a speech to the C.D. Howe Institute, Ben Gully Assistant Superintendent Regulation Sector, said the use of the benchmark qualifying rate as the floor of GuidelineB-20 stress testing for uni...Read More

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How To Tell Signs of a Marijuana Grow-Op

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How can you protect yourself and avoid the potentiality of buying a marijuana grow house? Different municipalities may provide property information reports, which give snapshot of open files, orders or permits on any specific address. However, the do not specify if these open files are due to the property marijuana grow operation. Orders from the past that are now closed or resolved are not captu...Read More

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Toronto to Enforce New Airbnb Regulations

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After the fatal shooting in January at the City Place Condo located at 85 Queens Wharf Road, Toronto, there are changes to the building’s bylaws. In the wake of these deaths, the building’s property management company has decided to completely ban rentals shorter than three-months. Back in December 2017, Toronto City Council approved zoning bylaws amendments affecting short-term renta...Read More

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January 2020 Kicks Off with Home Sales and New Listing Shortages

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2020 is shaping up to be one of serious competition among home buyers. The Toronto Real Estate Board reports that the growing supply and demand gap that characterized the 2019 market was strongly evident in January, as soaring sales and plunging new supply light a fire under home price growth. A total of 4,582 transactions occurred across the GTA during the month, up to 15.4% from the same time p...Read More

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5 Financial Benefits Only Available for Homeowners

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Although renting has its perks, there are some great financial incentives only available to homeowners. If you currently own or are thinking about buying, make sure you take full advantage. Here are some benefits only available for Homeowners: 1.POSSIBLE TAX BREAKS AND BENEFITS ARE ATTRACTIVE INCENTIVES Everyone loves a tax break! Although most tax benefit programs are specific to each province...Read More

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The Risk of Coronavirus on World Economics


With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, there are questions on It impact nationally and abroad. Luckily there is a framework to be used from the SARS epidemic which depends on the following: The Success of China and other countries to limit the spread (through travel bans, early detection and intervention) The Economic Reach of the impacted cities General market sentiment and evolution of finan...Read More

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Mistakes To Avoid When Seeking a Mortgage

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The vast realm of mortgages in Canada has become increasingly confusing, as the rules and regulations- particularly amid fixed and variable options- have changed again. Of course, the process and paperwork for these financially complex agreements have always been challenging, which means more buyers are making costly errors. Here are the top 5 mortgage mistakes to be aware of before signing: NOT ...Read More

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Chinese New Year - The Year of The Rat

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Unlike the Gregorian Calendar, the Chinese New Year is celebrated on a different date each year, which falls between the 21st of January and the 20th of February. It is the longest public holiday in China. A 15 day long celebration that starts with the New Years Eve and ends with the Lantern Festival, most of the employees take at least a seven to twelve days off from work, whilst students get a m...Read More