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5 Signs Your Home Is Poorly Insulated

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Without proper insulation, hot and cold air will seep through the walls and make your heating and cooling system work twice as hard. It can also make it frustrating and uncomfortable for the people living in it. Proper insulation is crucial to keeping your home in good shape- and you bills low. Not sure if your home is well insulated? Here are five ways you can tell:   1.YOU AVOID SITIING NEA...Read More

By: Iris Khodkar

September Housing Market Report

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It may not be the booming fall market of years past, but autumn is shaping up to be lively throughout the Greater Toronto Area, with a modest annual uptick in sales and greater choice for home buyers.   Sales activity has improved 1.9% year over year throughout the region, with a total of 6,455 homes changing hands, though 5% below August levels. The average price clocked in at $796,786- up 2...Read More

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Protect Your Home From Halloween “Monsters”

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Halloween doesn’t just bring out the ghouls and goblins. It brings out the home insurance claims. This time of year, there is a spike in claims related to property damage from revellers who occasionally take their terrifying pranks too far. Some of the most common damages include broken windows, theft and egging! Halloween also sees a rise in accidents, from dog bites to trick-or-treaters sl...Read More

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The Ups and Downs of Upper floors vs Lower Floors

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One of the biggest decisions you’ll make when moving into a condo is what floor you want to live on. Each floor comes with its own set of perks and flaws. What might be a good living situation for one resident might not be for another. Higher floors tend to come with more premium views and a potentially higher resale value, while lower floors are more convenient in the event of an emergency....Read More

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Buying a Home and Down Payment Options

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Buying a new home is an exciting time. However, some buyers may not be able to come up with the ideal down payment amount, making them think that home ownership is not a feasible option. From the aspect of applying for a mortgage, it is possible for some to offer a small down payment to lenders!   HOW SMALL OF A DOWN PAYMENT MAY BE ACCEPTED? When it comes to a down payment, much depends on t...Read More

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Variable or Fixed Mortgage Rates

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When it comes to mortgages, buyers always go through the question of picking a variable or fixed mortgage rate. Canadians have the privilege of locking into a fixed mortgage rate for up to five years. However, during the economic recovery of the last decade. There wasn’t much threat of a rate hike, making variable-rate mortgages particularly attractive! So now that rates are going up, what&r...Read More

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Bank of Canada Holds Interest Rates

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Last week, the Bank of Canada decided to leave it’s overnight lending rate at 1.5%. However, there are speculations pointing to more hikes this year despite the continued uncertainty around NAFTA and trade relations with the United States. The Canadian economy has run hotter than expected in August, as the rate of inflation surged above 3% for the first time since 2011. While that had analy...Read More

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Home Buying Conditions Explained!

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When buying a home, there are conditions that are often put into the offer. A condition means that the sale will ONLY be finalized if certain criteria are met. The most common conditions for home buyers are financing, inspection and appraisal. While a real estate professional can advise the buyer on different conditions they may want to put in their contract, it’s also important for buyer...Read More

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Things To Do This Labour Day Long Weekend

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Not planning on going to a cottage this long weekend and looking for alternative? Well you’ve come to the right place! We have a whole list of things for you to do this labour day weekend!   1.Canadian National Exhibition Taking place over the 18 days leading up to and including Labour day, the CNE offers a wide variety of entertainment and events including concerts, celebrity chef dem...Read More

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Mid August GTA Market Update

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The first two weeks of August show positive gains from 2017 for both detached and condo townhouse sales. Sales for Toronto townhouses and detached houses in the 416 are going particularly well, up 31 and 12% from August 2017. They are also doing well across the GTA with 9% and 17% increases in listings sold! Sales of Toronto condos are flat, but up 6% across the GTA. Unsurprisingly, sales have de...Read More