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The Concept of Grandfathering In Condos

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When a condo introduces new rules that prohibit residents from engaging in a certain activity, whether it is smoking or owning pets, the condo may exempt existing residents from the new rules given they have been able to exercise that right up until that point. This is known as grandfathering and is often used to accommodate a variety of condo owners’ needs. Here are some of the most common ...Read More

By: Iris Khodkar

The Bank of Canada Maintains It’s Overnight Rate

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  The Bank of Canada has decided to maintain its target rate for the overnight rate at 1.75%.   Although global economic expansion is moderating as expected, signs of trade conflicts are emerging that are weighing more heavily on global demand. Growth in major advanced economies has slowed. However, activity in the United States remains above potential. Oil prices have fallen sharply. ...Read More

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High Tech Neighborhood Watches are on the Way

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The Neighbourhood Watch has evolved with the times as more residents are embracing technology to step up their surveillance game. There’s less reliance on foot patrol groups and more on high-tech tools that make it easier to keep neighbourhoods safer. Here’s how Neighbourhood Watches are going modern.   WEATHERPROOF CAMERAS When residents are sleeping, outdoor cameras that can wi...Read More

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Apps That Help You Get To Know Your Neighbor

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Do you have any idea who the person living in the condo next to you is? How about the ones down the hall? In many condo buildings, getting to know your fellow residents is not always easy despite the close proximity. Luckily, there’s an app for that! Here are a few that want to help condos feel more like a community: ADAM HELPS Launched in Toronto, this app caters to small communities inclu...Read More

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Ten Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bill

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You do not have to walk around your home in a parka and a pair of wool socks to save on your home heating bill. Keep warm this winter with these easy ways:   SEAL YOUR WINDOWS AND DOORS Use sweeps to seal gaps at the bottom of doors. For the sides of doors and windows, use self-adhesive foam weather stripping or plastic film to seal air leaks.   CLOSE LOW-TRAFFIC ROOMS Concentrate the ...Read More

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Do You Need Insurance If Your Condo Already Has An Insurance Policy?

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Condo corporations typically have insurance to protect some parts of the building, including common areas, infrastructure features, and the surrounding land such as the sidewalk. However, this insurance policy does not cover condo units. It’s up to individual condo owners to obtain home insurance for their specific unit, which will cover damages that occur within the unit, loss of personal b...Read More

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The Five Holiday Hazards to Watch Out For

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Christmas is a time to decorate our homes with tinsel, trees, fairy lights and wreaths. Decorations certainly make the holiday feel more fun and bright, but keep in mind that these seasonal accessories can be potentially dangerous for you and your family. Here are five hazards to watch out for this Christmas:   CHRISTMAS TREES Whether you’ve got an artificial or a real tree, they can qu...Read More

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Top Toronto Festive Events in November 2018

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Holiday season is fast approaching! And with it comes various celebrations! Here’s what to expect in the month of November:   ROYAL WINTER FAIR When: November 2nd-11th Where: Exhibition Place The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is the largest indoor agricultural event in the world! Farmers from all around Canada will come showcase their best products and livestock from all around the wor...Read More

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Floor Type Options and their practicality

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Selecting the right type of flooring for your home can be important for home owners. Knowing the difference between the various types of flooring as well as the pros and cons of each, can help make this decision easier. Taking into account a variety of factors including durability, maintenance, appearance, environmental impact and personal preference can help ensure that the home owner will choose...Read More

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Bank of Canada Increases Overnight Rate

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On Wednesday October 24th, the Bank of Canada increased its rate to 1.75%. Know as the target for the overnight rate, the benchmark is what Canada’s big banks charge each other for short-term loans. It filters down to consumers, because it affects the rate banks offer their customers for matters like variable mortgages and savings accounts. Royal Bank, TD, BMO and CIBC have all raised their...Read More