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Roles of a Property Manager

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We all know that most condos have a property manager. But not everyone knows what the role entails. In a nutshell, their job is to make sure the condo runs like a well-oiled machine. They do this by working closely with the condo board to detect problems before they arise. They manage the board’s budget and financial statements, and they settle any conflicts related to the rules of the commu...Read More

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Hidden Kitchens and How to Find Them

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Concealed kitchens are a big hit among homeowners who love the seamless look. Think retractable cutting boards, dishwashers and fridges set behind flush cabinetry, and doors that roll up to reveal all your countertop appliances such as your toaster and coffee machine. Kitchens that look simple, minimalist, and clean can do wonders for your sanity and they also look incredibly stylish too. Here&rsq...Read More

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A rate lock, also called a lock-in, is an agreement made between a mortgage lender and a borrower to keep an interest rate unchanged between the time the mortgage is approved and the time the real estate purchase is closed. A rate lock protects many borrowers from fluctuating mortgage rates that may go up in the time they are waiting for the purchase to close. Without a rate lock, borrowers may be...Read More

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Condo’s With Virtual Concierge

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One of the biggest perks of living in a condo is having a concierge who can collect your parcels, protect your building from intruders , and greet you every time you come home from work. But thanks to advanced technology, some condos are doing away with physical concierges altogether and opting for virtual ones instead. Virtual concierges are still operated by a human who, instead of sitting in t...Read More

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Ways Condos are Reducing Waste

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Compared to homeowners, condo dwellers are terrible at recycling and composting. They divert less of their waste compared to single-family houses. That’s why several condos in Canada have decided to change things up with innovative diversion tactics that ensure their tenants are throwing out less garbage. Thanks to some of these efforts, a residential building in Scarborough, Ontario, that h...Read More

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RE/MAX 2019 Canadian Housing Market Outlook: Ontario EXCLUSIVE

Tags: Housing market, Canada, Ontario, Toronto, Windsor, London, Hamilton, Barrie, Durham, Brampton, Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Niagara, Market, Market Analysis, 2019 Predictions. RE/MAX, RE/MAX WEST, Iris Khodkar Group

TORONTO: Rising interest rates and the mortgage stress test were major factors affecting market activity in Toronto. Overall sales were down 16 percent and the single-detached home market fell short. Condominium and townhome sales are strong in Toronto, and there’s now less of a price difference between freeholds and townhomes. The sale of homes priced below $1 million is expected to remain ...Read More

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RE/MAX 2019 Canadian Housing Market Outlook

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Modest price increases are expected in 2019, as the RE/MAX 2019 Housing Market Outlook estimates the average price to increase by 1.7 percent. Housing market across the country have stabilized in 2018, after the unprecedented increases in average price that many markets experienced in 2017. However, there continues to be some outliers in 2018 average sales price gains, particularly in areas outsid...Read More

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Smoke Free Buildings are on The Rise

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As no-smoking policies become the norm in many public spaces, it’s no surprise that more and more condos are going smoke-free. Toronto is currently building its first-ever smokeless condo on the banks of the Humber River, while condo residents in B.C. have started a petition to ban smoking in all multi-unit dwellings. Many provinces already have legislation that bans smoking in common areas...Read More

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Are Smart Neighbourhood’s The Way To Go?

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With help from Alphabet’s sidewalk Labs, Toronto’s waterfront will be transformed into one of the world’s most innovative residential neighbourhoods. Google’s sister company says the neighbourhood will have digital technology embedded into its every function to provide a better quality of living, resulting in a neighbourhood that could include driverless shuttle buses, traf...Read More

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Does Your Home Insurance Cover These Risks?

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As a homeowner, you probably know that it’s important to have home insurance. But do you know what exactly is covered in your policy? According to a recent study, one in three Canadians has not read their home insurance policy. There were three areas in particular where Canadians had the least familiarity: identity, theft, sewer backup, and overland flood coverage. Here’s what you need...Read More